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MSFC Goddard Rocket Replica Project

In recognition of the 2003 celebration of the Centennial of Flight, and understanding its importance in the history of the rocket business, a team of engineers from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, has constructed several exact replicas, both for static exhibit and flight, of the first ever liquid-fueled rocket constructed and flown by Dr. Robert H. Goddard in 1926. The links below will provide you with some of the information, images, videos and other documentation that have been collected and generated in support of this Project.

  • Project Overview - Describes what the purposes of the Goddard Rocket Replica Project are, its schedule, who is working on it, how they are accomplishing its objectives and why we think it is important.

  • Documentation - Describes a small part of the information and data generated so far on the current effort as well as some detailed specifications of the original design.

  • Historical Perspective - Describes the historical significance of the 1926 Goddard rocket flight and how it relates directly to NASA's accomplishments and work done at Marshall Space Flight Center afterwards.

  • Patents - Contains a lists all 214 of Robert Goddard's United States patents, with detailed information for several of them.

  • Photo Gallery - Contains still images of the people and hardware of the 1926 effort and the modern Project, component construction, assembly and hotfire testing, as well as classic images of the original 1926 rocket and of Dr. Goddard.

  • Videos - Several short movies of people working on the modern Project, a hotfire test and some comments by Wernher Von Braun and Robert Goddard's wife Esther on the first flight.

  • Educational Resources - Links to K-12 educational articles and activities related to study of Dr. Goddard and liquid rocketry.

  • Related Links - Links to other websites containing more information about Dr. Robert Goddard as well as sources for more information on the NASA MSFC 2003 Goddard Rocket Replica Project.

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